69th Infantry Regiment

"The Fighting 69th"

"Gentle when stroked fierce when provoked"

the 69th Regiment

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Fighting 69TH
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the 69th Regiment


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68 Lexington Avenue 
Regimental Headquarters
New York , NY  10010

the Fighting 69th


To close with the enemy by means of fire and maneuver in order to destroy or capture him, or to repel his assault with fire, close combat, and counterattack.


The 1st Battalion, 69th Infantry traces its history back to 1849 when Irish immigrants organized a militia regiment. When the unit joined the New York State Militia later that same year it was numbered as the 69th Regiment.

The unit fought in the first Battle of Bull Run and distinguished itself in that fight. When the regiment returned to New York City after three months, most of the men volunteered to join the 69th New York Volunteer Infantry for three years.

The unit earned fame as the heart of the historic "Irish Brigade" of the Union Army during the Civil War, fighting in all the major battles in the east from In the east from the Peninsula Campaign to Appomattox. Its nickname reportedly came from Confederate General Robert E. Lee who referred to it as "that fighting 69th Regiment".

In World War I, the regiment mobilized in 1917 and was renumbered the 165th Infantry Regiment. William 'Wild Bill" Donovan earned a Distinguished Service Cross and Medal of Honor serving first as a battalion commander and then regimental commander.

The regiment's World War I Chaplain, Father Francis Duffy, was famous both during and after the war. A statue of the priest now stands in Times Square.

In World War II the regiment fought in the Pacific on Makin, Saipan and Okinawa.

The 69th was one of the first military units to respond to the attack on the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001, where it helped to secure Ground Zero. Following duty at the WTC, 200 soldiers were mobilized to protect the United States Military Academy, West Point, serving for one year. Numerous other members were on active duty providing protection throughout the New York area as part of Operation Noble Eagle.

On 15 May 2004, the regiment was federalized for combat duty in Operation Iraqi Freedom. While in Baghdad, the regiment was responsible for finally securing the infamous "Route Irish".

In 2008 approximately 300 soldiers from the 69th deployed to Afghanistan as part of Task Force Phoenix, attached to the 27th Infantry Brigade Combat Team, where it assisted in stability operations in the Hindu Kush and in training the Afghan security forces.

Commander's Vision

The 1st Battalion 69th Infantry's mission is to minimize suffering, eliminate threats, and reduce chaos in support of both domestic and foreign operations. To be the best infantry battalion we can be, and to accomplish assigned tasks to the fullest while maintaining readiness for all contingencies.

We will train to be being tough, fast, smart, and precise. We will be highly proficient at the basics of shoot, move, communicate, sustain, mission command, training management, and leadership with personnel development.

-LTC Don Makay

Active Battalion

The battalion is headquartered at the historic Lexington Avenue Armory in New York City with Headquarters and Headquarters Company consisting of the battalion staff sections, mortar platoon, sniper platoon, and medical platoon.

Alpha Company, also located at Lexington Avenue Armory, is a light Infantry Company.

Bravo Company, a light infantry company, is located at the Armed Forces Reserve Center in Farmingdale, NY.

Charlie Company, a light infantry company, is located at Camp Smith Training Site in Peekskill, NY.

Delta Company, the battalion's heavy weapons company, is located at the Armed Forces Reserve Center in Farmingdale.

Fox Company, the battalion's forward support company, is located at the Armed Forces Reserve Center in Farmingdale.

Battalion Commander

LTC Don Makay

Command Sergeant Major

CSM Thomas Seifert

Executive Officer

MAJ Christopher Culpepper


MAJ Henry Rowland


Regimental Headquarters (RHQ)

The Mission of the Regimental Headquarters of the 69th Regiment is to instill a sense of history, customs, lineage, and tradition in order to promote esprit de corps within the active unit by conducting programs to promote better understanding of the history, customs, lineage, and traditions of the regiment.

Honorary Colonel

COL (R) James Tierney

Regimental Adjutant

COL (R) Walter Montagno

Regimental Historian

Bert Cunningham

Regimental Sergeant Major

CSM (R) George Brett

Veterans Corps

The mission of the Veterans Corps 69th Regiment is to preserve and expound the history and traditions of the Regiment, to provide a venue to inform and foster camaraderie among veterans of the 69th and to assist the Commander of the active unit with the morale and welfare of the soldiers and their families


CSM (R) Tom Fitzsimmons

First Vice Commander

CSM (R) Jose Flores

Second Vice Commander

Jack Hallanan Jr

Liaison to Active Battalion

COL (R) Geoffrey Slack

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Historical Trust

The Historical Trust

Our mission is to instill a sense of history, customs, lineage, and tradition of the 69th Infantry Regiment in order to promote esprit de corps within the active batallion, preserve regimental artifacts, and promote a better understanding of the historic significance of both the Regiment and its Armory.

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